On a hunt

After doing a half year internship in Malaysia, newgym founders Danny and Jelle came back to the Netherlands. Not only did they come back with a lot of experience, they came back with a lot of extra pounds. Time to hit the gym, they thought. When looking for a gym they could go to, they quickly ran up against a problem: Why can’t you search for a gym on the internet the same way you look for phone contracts, hotels or insurances?

Plenty of choice, right?

They decided to do some research but quickly found out that comparing gyms online, just wasn’t possible (yet). They also realized they weren’t the only ones who had a difficult time making a choice. In general, research about the fitness industry shows that members don’t stay at their gym for very long. The reasons are a twofold. The first is the lack of discipline and the second is that a member’s expectations aren’t met.

newgym. Every gym, in one overview.

Newgym was launched with the idea to increase the chance of a match between the member and a gym. Newgym is a platform to easily compare gyms, based on the member’s preferences. How does it work? Choose your city, choose what you think is important and then compare the results. Are you curious if there’s a perfect gym for you? Then check out the supply on newgym!

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