Try one of these four group lessons soon

Sports is fun, sports together is more fun! That is what many people think about sports in a group setting. In order to introduce you to the various group classes, we will tell you more about the four most popular forms of group fitness in this article. Are you ready for it?


Pilates is about creating a strong, stable core. Your core is a combination of the muscles in your abdomen, lower back and pelvis. Pilates is mainly about generating stability, coordination, breathing and posture. It is suitable for young and old and for many a nice start-up lesson after an injury or longer period of little to no movement.

Women do pilates


Loud music, cycling and endless sweat. That is what you can expect when you are introduced to a spinning class. First set up your bike, then a warm up and then enjoy cycling. Depending on the music, the resistance is often adjusted, so that you work on your stamina in an intensive yet fun way. In addition to your stamina, you train your fitness and muscles. Spinning is also a good way to lose weight.


High Intensity Interval Training, in other words: a relatively short workout, but hard work! With HIIT you burn relatively more calories than with a regular workout, because your metabolism is brought to a higher level. It is a combination of cardio and strength training, where you have little to no break. HIIT is ideal for burning fat and staying in good shape. This makes HIIT a fast and very effective workout.


Another form of High Intensity Taining is BodyAttack. You train based on intervals, where you put in a good amount of effort for a few seconds, and then continue at a slower pace.

BodyAttack is a variant of Aerobics, but faster and more intensive. The focus at BodyAttack is on building strength, endurance and fat burning. Perfect when you want to get back in shape!

Women practicing fitness

Hopefully after reading this article you know a little bit more about group lessons. Is there no group lesson for you? Then consider trying a yoga class.